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DEDAO MATS is the leading global supplier of chair mat and surface protection mats for the office and home.

With more than 10 years of industry and management experience in the mat field, we always producing various mat products, keeping up with market changes, and actively meeting customer needs.
An innovative design team, expert knowledge of resources and materials and a state-of-the-art production facility based in the China ensures DEDAO MATS always offers exceptional quality and an unrivaled range of mats at great value for money.DEDAO MATS has a reputation for innovative products, high-quality manufacture and the best customer service.


DEDAO chair mats are manufactured in China. 
Our advanced manufacturing facilities are backed up with technical support and quality control systems to ensure we reach and maintain the highest standards. An innovative company, DEDAO develops new floor protection products and successfully introduces new materials into the marketplace ahead of the competition.
DEDAO MATS consistently reviews its manufacturing process, to find ways to improve product performance and the durability of chair mats. Our commitment to quality and reliability is backed up by the long warranties on all DEDAO products. 

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Composed of several business units, the product development teams focus on innovative new surface protection products for the marketplace.Our creative and marketing teams produce printed and digital material for distributors, to help them market DEDAO products to their own consumers.   
 DEDAO office also houses our dedicated sales support and customer service teams, who look after new and existing customers around the world. We regularly communicate with rep groups and individual customers to ensure all their needs are met.
Please contact us if you have any queries regarding the manufacture, supply or use of DEDAO mats. 

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We are committed to improving, enhancing and developing new and better workspace solutions for you and your clients.
Contact us today to add value and innovation to your business.

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