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Taizhou Dedao Industry Co., Ltd. focuses on producing PVC chair mats, transparent floor protection mats, hard floor protection mats, carpet protection mats, table protection mats, and other mat products. With more than 10 years of industry and management experience in the mat field, we always producing various mat products, keeping up with market changes, and actively meeting customer needs.

Our factory has excellent basic conditions, has passed BSCI、environmental assessment and fire protection acceptance, and is willing to accept SEDEX, WALMART, COSTCO and other inspection requirements. The product is environmentally friendly, transparent and no smell, mainly exported to the United States, Australia and Europe. Most of our customers are foreign supermarkets and e-commerce customers (the sales and the top 20 sellers on Amazon are mostly from our factory).

Thanks for your time and welcome to visit our factory in the future, we will strive to become your best cooperation partner.

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Company: Taizhou Dedao Industry Co., Ltd.

Contact: Karl Zhang

Tel: +86-15000405598

Phone: +86-15000405598


Address: No. 17, Bingang Road, Hairun Street, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

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